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Big Horn Mountain / Hummingbird Springs Wilderness Area Trail

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Hey All!  This past Sat I headed out west of Phx to check out a 2WD friendly trail and ended up running Big Horn Maintain Trail.  The trail has a rating of 2.5 out of 10 for difficulty because you'll need to cross a few sandy washes.  This trail offers beautiful scenery and on a winter morning it is really stunning out there!  My X is a 2006 2WD "S", it has a 2" lift and 275/70-16 BFG AT2s.

To get there take I-10 west to Salome Rd., travel WNW on Salome Rd to Eagle Eye RD, turn right heading N on Eagle Eye Rd 3.8 miles and the trail head is a dirt trail on the right.  If you follow the entire trail you will exit the trail on Indian School Rd., just west of Tonopah and can jump back on I-10 to head back to Phx.

Big Horn Mountains & Hummingbird Springs Wilderness Area.  Great place to spend a morning!

Def some pretty country! And holy tall saguaro, wow!


--- Quote from: coatimundi01 on February 09, 2014, 07:30:22 PM ---Def some pretty country! And holy tall saguaro, wow!

--- End quote ---
It was incredible out there early morning, I love the small of the desert in winter! 

That Saguaro is one of the tallest I've ever seen.   :o

What size tires are you running?

I went out there yesterday in my 2007 stock 2wd S. While it was extremely beautiful, we ran in to a few issues. There were plenty of sharp rocks that blew out my rear passenger tire.

There was also a point where my rear tires were suspended after a dip that caused my hitch to grab a rock and lift my truck off of power. We were stuck for 4 hours.

No cell service, no one knew where we were at this point. We sent out distress signals on the cb. And after walking about 2 miles each way my phone found a random and brief 2 bars that could send geo coordinates of out location to my mother via text and the sos feature on my phone. We ended up getting sharp rocks under my tire because with the spinning from previous trial and error moments were now bald and couldn't grip. Spare had plenty of tread. When the sharp rock behind the tire that we figured would eventually wedge it's self in while rocking forwards finally slipped into place I tried reverse and it held up and shot me backwards and out of the ditch. After 4 hours in the hottest time of AZ, middle of the trail, we were free. We have learned a lot of lessons in the past day. Just as a warning to fellow 2wds, this trail has sharp dips and I don't feel it should be rated as a stock 2wd safe trail.

2007 Xterra S


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