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Big Horn Mountain / Hummingbird Springs Wilderness Area Trail

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Yeah. They're practically bald, gushy notice until then

2007 Xterra S

make sure you always have your safety gear especially when you wheel alone ( which i don't recommend any way) Glad you guys made it out ok and a bit wiser. 

-   Full size spare tire, in good condition and preferably of the same size and type as the other tires.
-   Jack capable of lifting the vehicle & tool capable of removing lug nuts (including key for any locking lug nuts).
-   First Aid Kit, and any personal medications that you require. The kit that comes with the Xterra is a good start, many have added to theirs with extra items they feel appropriate.
-   Extra food and water, even if only out for a day trip.
-   FRS Radio, with extra batteries / Or a CB (preferably). See below for Communications Protocol.
-   Vehicles should be in good condition, and be well maintained and in conformance with highway safety standards.
-   All vehicles should have recovery points front and rear. Most Xterras have a front tow hook standard; for the rear a Class III receiver hitch can accept a shackle that makes an acceptable tow point. Receiver hitch shackles can be found at most off road supply outlets. A tow hitch ball is not acceptable.
-   Tow strap (no metal hooks).
-   Map(s) of the area.
-   Fire extinguisher.
-   If camping, adequate equipment and food. Even if you don't plan to camp you should always carry what you might need in case it gets colder than expected or you need to spend the night. A blanket or two is always a good idea to have on hand.
-   Flashlight(s) and extra batteries, knife, matches/firestarter, mirror, whistle.
-   Air compressor. Many of the runs in Arizona are to areas where airing down tires can make a big difference in both traction and comfort, and can also aid in avoiding flats. You’ll want a way to re-inflate your tires at the end of the trail. Serviceable compressors can be found for as little as $50 at Costco, for example. Avoid anything that plugs into the accessory outlets inside the vehicle, they won’t have the output you need.
-   Above all, bring a sense of adventure and a desire to go exploring.

Other things that are nice to have:
-   Sturdy work gloves.
-   Shovel.
-   Extra clothing.
-   Minimal camping equipment, even if only out for a day trip (you never know when you might have to spend the night someplace).
-   Folding chair(s) come in handy at lunch stops and in camp.
-   Basic hand tools and supplies.

Glad you made it out safe, Clifford3200.  Did you have a shovel with you?  I offroad alone all the time, and I always bring a shovel with me in case I need to dig out.

--- Quote from: FirstXRS on March 30, 2015, 07:24:16 AM ---Oh wow! Glad you're safe now. I've never seen a tire ribbon like that.

--- End quote ---

My guess is the tire failed, and then was driven on for some time until the sidewalls finally started to shred.  Hopefully, the rim is not too damaged.

I didn't have a shovel, we used my mud flap ish things that go on the front of the rear tire

2007 Xterra S

Hammer (Avi):
Airing down reduces risk of tire damage when traversing sharp rocks.  Que the more you know music. 


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