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Big Horn Mountain / Hummingbird Springs Wilderness Area Trail

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--- Quote from: DBAX on October 23, 2015, 08:57:00 AM ---Looking at that, I'm reminded of a video I saw recently.. Dude was axle deep in muck, and strapped a log to a tire along the side. Used a rope to thread between the wheel spokes securing the log. As the wheel turned, the log (much larger/longer than the tire and wheel) dug in and picked up the vehicle, propelling it one turn at a time. Very primitive, but effective method when deep in it, and alone.
Something like this-

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Thats awesome, I may have to try that someday for fun. Im not sure if our gnarly AZ desert wood will clear my fenders but definitely worth a shot.

From my experience and in good conscious, I do not consider this a stocker alone 2WD friendly Xterra/Frontier trail. Too many places on this trail where things could go sideways real quick. Lots of dips where you could get hung up very easily. Not to mention the sketchy cell phone reception on most of the trail once you pass the windmill. Theres many other great 2WD/4WD stocker friendly trails to try, Cochran Rd, 7 Springs or Bloody Basin Rd to Sheeps Bridge, Schnebly hill Rd etc. These other trails offer some fantastic views and camp/picnic areas with very little risk besides tire damage. I take my friends in their stock 2wd vehicles on them all of the time with no problems. Kyle's and Chantel's situation was simply bad luck. I have seen literally dozens of built vehicles stuck on very minor obstacles over the years. It can happen to anyone if the stars align for you on that day. I have a ton of my own BSF stories better left for the camp fire after the kids have gone to bed. It has happened to all of us if you wheel enough.


--- Quote ---not sure if our gnarly AZ desert wood will clear my fenders but definitely worth a shot.

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Showed the video to a coworker and he brought up the same point. I said in that situation, maybe a bundle of sticks/leaves/rocks, a fluids can, anything to provide clearance for the wood from the fenders would be acceptable..

--- Quote ---It has happened to all of us if you wheel enough.

--- End quote ---
Testify.  8)


--- Quote from: DBAX on October 24, 2015, 09:08:53 AM ---Testify.  8)

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Too many to count that I am too embarrassed to post online.

Haha Chuy, not you in particular.. I meant your statement of it can happen to anyone is gospel. Even a driver in a built vehicle w/ unearthly skills handed down from G-D like myself (  ;)  ) gets stuck every so often..

pinchel (Rob):
Chuy and DBAX are the picture and videos you posted from Big Horn Mountain and Hummngbird  Springs areas?


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