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Big Horn Mountain / Hummingbird Springs Wilderness Area Trail

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FirstXRS (Zac):
Oh wow! Glad you're safe now. I've never seen a tire ribbon like that.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I have been all over that area and I would stand by that trail being a 2wd trail. I think I will update the OP to say that you will need more ground clearance than stock to run in some areas.

Also never hesitate to call a club member if ever in trouble. I'm always available to help. Especially since I'm so far west.

that tire is crazy, what kind of tires do you have?

We had no cell coverage for miles of walking. Masaru was there for us if we could get a call through. And I totally agree 2wd, just not stock 2wd. I have prodigy hts, street tires

2007 Xterra S

Time for some aggressive all terrains, some more flex.


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