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Thatsgr8 (Scott):
I do have the FSM and have read through it several times.  There are just a few questions about it though. Over on the forum "The New X" there is a complete write up, very detailed on how to do this repair.  It states to place it in 4 Low If I am not using the flywheel locking tool.  I am assuming to lock the motor in place.  So if I place it in 4 Low, how do I get it to TDC after it is locked in 4 Low? Others members talked about running out of blue thread locker. It didn't state which bolts require thread locker.  I always assumed torquing the bolts was good enough.

Thatsgr8 (Scott):

--- Quote from: Thupertrooper (Victor) on April 30, 2017, 11:07:14 AM ---I really need mine done but have no advice.

--- End quote ---

Advice on what?  If mine goes off without a hitch. I could come by and help out.


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