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What have you done to your X lately?

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Did an oil change on the Big Yellow X. good for another 5000 miles.   Also been looking at way to do a bumper mouth and/or a post lights.  We will see what I can come up with....

I replaced my alternator with a 120 amp 2002 Nissan Quest alternator.  It bolted right up although I had to go get a slightly longer belt and a different ground wire screw because the threads were different.

pinchel (Rob):
I did a thing. It ain't pretty but it's functional. My 2017 tailgate table, just right for my camp stove.

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Hammer (Avi):
Needs a bottle opener mod  ;D

Mr. Ohizona:
On Tuesday, I had to replace my battery again. I got two years out of the old one from Sam's Club, I had nothing but trouble with it from the beginning. I went with a Duralast Gold from Autozone this time. I've had good experience with them in the past.


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