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Rebuild or buy new?

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I am currently looking to either a new uses 4Xpro (Off road )versed rebuilding my X.
My challenged as I see it.

Total Transmission and axle service $400.00
New paint and seal in my roof lights.
Lighter  front bumper and rear tire mount
Interior front seat done

 I have already replaces Shocks and Springs.

New Used. Plus  in a small way buy  An 2012 or 2013 to keeping interest going as a whole? Or go Frontier?

Opinion is welcome positive or neg.

Looks like the verdict we be new. I have decided to go with a 4Xpro or Off Road.  With the learning experience I got from current rig, I like the feature of the 4XPro.   The most important point is Mrs. . Ghostrider approves.
 will   go with a Lift 3 inches of course and go to 285 tires just to start.

I am excited! A little more savvy this time and I can wait to return Home to Arizona.


first steps this Saturday.  Replaced Tranie, Transfer and engine oil. I note an improvement of gas mileage thus far. Oil was bad looking in the Trans and the Transfer.

Next Radiator and pumpkins.

I noticed after all these years adjustment screw behind the Head lamp assembly. Now if I tweak right or left can I expect to have a up or down beam affect??? 

I have always been disappointed with the poor factory lights that come with the X?

I have looked and looked again on the subject of up to 285.   Like all sizes there is various configuration, I know I want the switch, and I was thinking to go back to old faithful 285 BFG KO and this time go with a D rating. I  the lift so that is nota issue.

May be more of a better cross of AT and Street?
Gear options to adjust for the bigger tires.

Need some honest input. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


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