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Well I hope the title got your attention.
My goal is to arrive Wednesday or Thursday to set a campsite. I'll be bringing a good chunk of wood but please bring some too if you can or if your in SD area help me out and bring some with you from my pile. Everyone is invited!
4x4 or experience driving in the sand with 2x4
a properly working rig
if my memory serves me right, its 10 bucks a night
shade if you have any. (umbrella, ez up etc)
and whip/flag to drive in the dunes

there will be a few games for those who want to participate and be split in 2- 3 teams

Date 09 Aug 2014

as for food for saturday if your attending please post what you will be brining for the group. and if you don't feel like sharing doing your thing works just fine =D

bring a good attitude

any questions or concerns please feel to contact me on my cell 619 888 8910

ALSO feel free to invite anyone you want. and the link for FB is

to see who else has joined and what they have decided to bring for saturdays keep coming back for the latest update

Still need Ice, ketchup, mustard, mayo, chips and or snacks to munch on thru out the day and some wood

CarJEEP frontier --- s'mores Napkins/salsa/guacamole-
Melissan & BJ titan --- Carne asada/rice/beans/tortillas/eggs/Chorizo/papas
crewmaxxis frontier --- Soda/water-
Luis            RAM Hamburgers/Hotdogs/Buns/ice
Joyche titan --- Lettuce/tomato/ onion/ muffins/ cups/ silverware
Scott xterra --- Hamburgers/hotdogs/buns-
tomrejzek xterra
Barcin frontier
henrypro11 Jeep
Joel Taco
Darrel Titan 20lbs ice, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup
Gabriela Titan
Michael armada Watermelon/Fruit/snacks
NPGTECH xterra
Cody/Joanne titan
Rabs Frontier
Rabs dad Jeep
rushNrockt Xterra
Troy Jeep
DraGkuLA Xterra

Hammer (Avi):
The facebook link isn't working for me :/

Sorry about the faulty link. i think i fixed it. let me know.

Hammer (Avi):
Works now, looks like a tun of fun :)

Hmmm, very tempted.  I went to Cal Poly SLO, having an extra excuse to come to the area is not even necessary.


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