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TeguTerra ' s 07 Solar yellow X

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Plain 2WD 07 Xterra
Solar yellow
Bed lined rims
Bed lined frontier step rails
Bed lined side rails that should look familiar to AZXterra410

hope to buy one of the racks that Whattha makes

Planning on at least a 2.5 lift

Looking at a set of cooper tires with some meat.

Hoping to soon buy a bull nose and put some lights on it

Working on making a light bar for the top at work right now and put some low profile lights on it.

The painting on the top is this

I know it ain't much but I like it.

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Hammer (Avi):
Lookin good :)

Very nice! I am a fan of the yellow myself.

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Got my new 285/75/16 's installed today.   These things look great.


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