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PitSnipe (Kyle):
So I have to admit. Rosie invited me to go geocaching about a month ago, but I declined. I had never heard of it at that time. Shortly after I looked it up and tried it. I am beyond addicted. I've been doing it for 24 days now, have 97 finds, and have a streak of 22 days straight with a find. Most geocaching is in the city. It is good to find the urban ones to familiarize yourself with the different hiding styles. Then there are the ones out away from the city. These can be challenging. This is where it gets fun though. We all love off-roading and being out with nature. Geocaching allows us to treasure hunt and go wheeling at the same time. Its all about the find. The reward is really nothing but a trinket and a log to sign. Like I said the fun is the hunt. I have even gotten my wife and daughter involved. Check it out and maybe Ill see ya out there. Watch out for muggles (you'll understand if you are a geocacher).

Check out the website.

This is a super fun family thing.  We have been geocaching for couple years now.  There was a real fun one we found on the very top of Santan Mountain.  Even found a geo cache medal that had a tracking number on it and found had come from Hawaii

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Went out geocaching this morning just like I do most weekends. This morning I spent some time north of the Sun Valley Parkway and 241 Ave. I found 6 cache today and ended up with a flat tire too. I got to use my Hi Lift jack for the first time. The flat ended my morning so I headed to work to patch the tire. Patch is holding and the next geocache awaits. Here are some pics I captured.

A cache I found

The smallest geo we have found so far was a magnet the size of a watch battery that opened and had a small paper for log in it.  Some are really inventive.

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Told ya!


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