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PitSnipe (Kyle):
So I have caught the geocaching bug again. Dec 30th I went out in search of a few geocaches. I took my kids with me as they call it "Treasure Hunting". Saturday we found eight treasures. Feeling pretty good we went home and I was happy.
New Years Day afternoon I found myself bored and needing to get out. I went to an area that I spent some time in last year. The series is called Aiken To Be Found and it consists of 40 caches. Now, I had already found some of them but not sure just how many. After two hours I found 26 of them with only one left of the total 40. This last one was hard. After about 30 min I had to give up. I was pissed. I had found 39 of the 40 total. I guess Ill have to take a stab it another day.
This brings my find total to 1136.

20171230_091402 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

20180101_153953 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr


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