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i just wanna get the x dirty ;) camping sounds like a wonderful idea! need to go on an xcursion so hopefully i can become official ;D


--- Quote from: fangars on September 24, 2009, 08:42:06 PM ---
--- Quote from: AZ-Ted on September 10, 2009, 09:01:24 PM ---I'll be at the WCM on Oct 7-9.  As long as I don't break anything, I'd be down for a run later in the month (either the 17th or 24th).

--- End quote ---
I thought the WCM starts on the 9th?

--- End quote ---

OOPS.  You are right John, WCM is Oct 9-11.

I've been wanting to go camping for about two months now.  If we get the dates narrowed down soon I'll try to take a vacation day.

I'm out for the month. Going to CA the 9th-13th then the following weekend is axle assembly & reloading for a big match in November.  ::)

Why don't you guys pick something for the 24th and/or 25th?
Just do it! Just pic something.
Wally and I'll be in. XJC: get your vaca. Ted: don't break anything.
That is 4 of us so far.  ;D


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