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Fat Tire Run - Aug 1-3

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Another Fat Tire run is in the books!  Good times, great people!!!

Great time. Pics to come soon

PitSnipe (Kyle):
That was one hell of a weekend. Thanks for all of the good times. It was no to meet all of the old school xterra guys. Now to get ready for Fat Tire 2015!

Great turnout, another outstanding time in the pines..
The weather was perfect; sunny and warm (where I was anyhow) throughout Saturday during the race, and the sound of rain on the tent overnight, is joy a desert rat like myself can't buy w/ money. Marshalls Militia was a big group, nice to see some faces of folks who hadn't been in a while, and as noted, nice to see AZXC had a good group there too. Like a wise man once said, "This event is bigger than the club." If you had a good time, and you've seen how much good it does for an honest charity, make it a part of your schedule, every year. You'll find it's something to look forward to, and some things you do and see, will never be forgotten. I was saying goodbyes on Sunday and remarked, it's amazing that some of our best friends are people we may only see once or twice a year (at an event like this), but it's like we were never away from each other.. It's like coming home to your family. Your mud-flinging, beer chugging, pine tree loving family. Cheers

pinchel (Rob):
Just a few pics. I should have taken more, but I was more interested in soaking it in.


In the puddle, that is not on the windshield yet.


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