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Fat Tire Run - Aug 1-3

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--- Quote from: pinchel on August 07, 2014, 03:44:34 PM ---Just a few pics. I should have taken more, but I was more interested in soaking it in.

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My kinda I love Arizona.


--- Quote from: DBAX1 on August 04, 2014, 02:34:12 PM ---Great turnout, another outstanding time in the pines..
The weather was perfect; sunny and warm (where I was anyhow) throughout Saturday during the race, and the sound of rain on the tent overnight, is joy a desert rat like myself can't buy w/ money. Marshalls Militia was a big group, nice to see some faces of folks who hadn't been in a while, and as noted, nice to see AZXC had a good group there too. Like a wise man once said, "This event is bigger than the club." If you had a good time, and you've seen how much good it does for an honest charity, make it a part of your schedule, every year. You'll find it's something to look forward to, and some things you do and see, will never be forgotten. I was saying goodbyes on Sunday and remarked, it's amazing that some of our best friends are people we may only see once or twice a year (at an event like this), but it's like we were never away from each other.. It's like coming home to your family. Your mud-flinging, beer chugging, pine tree loving family. Cheers

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Well said, Dan.  Great to see you and Jessica again - and Sayuri, too!

EDIT:  and your kids were awesome!  They helped me collect quite a bit of firewood (that we didn't end up using, but still cool, nonetheless).


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