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Beware of Nisstec

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
I purchased my first life through Nisstec and had no issues.

I've place 3 orders thru nisstec.  First one I got no confirmation email of my order, and had to call 3-4 times to get shipping info.  My last 2 orders went thru without any issues.  They seem to be hit or miss.

Trials and Tribulations  of customer service, good , bad and indifferent!

Seems like there is no telling what kind of experience you will have these days with manufacturers, retailers, etc.  Appears to be no place you can shop in the age of online drop shipping, etc. that you can shop with complete confidence.  I still appreciate local businesses and shops that do quality work and stand by their finished work.  Savings is always important but I will pay extra for good, local customer service.


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