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Decided to put together some pics on the evolution of my frontier over the past 8 months

The day I got it from the used car dealer.  Completely stock.

Was always amused by the look of the Wal-Mart goodyear authority so got a set of them put on.

Some 6k hids

First run with it to broken arrow

Decided fender flares were to big so I ditched them I also did new struts that day.

Went on a run with you guys then broke my leaf so I patched them up the next day with AAl

Added a new center link and fabed up a XJ steering stabilizer to fit

Bedlined the bottom of truck. Got the idea from AZ-Ted's rig

Ditched the crap halogen lights and got some 4" leds to put on it.

 Added the halogen lights to rear

Ended up breaking my stock leAfs and the aal on a small trip I did so I got new 3/1 HD  leafs

Found me a cap for a steal online so far so good.

As it sits today

Looking really nice great job so far



Decided to take it off for awhile.  Will need it off for the four peaks cleanup anyway


Got some 33s

Added light bar


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