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So I am still relatively new to Arizona specially the offroad trails. Are there any must do trails that you guys can recommend?

I'd be doing the trails with the gf so nothing too intense since shes not a big fan of that. But anything very scenic and have isolated camping would be ideal. Stuff along the lines of alstrom point is what we are looking for.

Thanks for any and all input.

I know a decent amount. Tho since I work often its hard to get out and run them much anymore. Just hit me up tho

Will do.

Are there many outside of 4 peaks that is a good day trip, that this scenic also?

The gf is in PA school so getting away is hard, but we both get sick of the city really fast.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Lots of good trails in the AZ Trail Info section on here

pinchel (Rob):
Lots of trails I have not hit, and I have weekends off for now so hit me up too!


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