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Fourpeaks Cleanup 11/1/2014

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I will be there around 130p for afternoon session, evening run and probably stay the night in my truck.

Anyone wanting to cruise up lmk will be joining morning session.

Good to see everyone today.  Special thanks to Chad and Copperstate4Wheelers for organizing another great event!

Hammer (Avi):
Great to see so many people come out to help keep these places open.  Thank you to the AZXC guys who came out and made a difference, it was a good way to spend the morning. 

PitSnipe (Kyle):
A day later and my three year old girl is still talking about cleaning up the desert. She had a great time. Even my six month old got in on the action supervising from the wagon.
What a rewarding experience it was to help clean the Four Peaks area. I plan on doing this every year now. Great to see those of you that came. Thank you Jeff for the use of your truck. No way I could have packed all that in or on my X.
Ive got some pics from the clean up and Ill start a pic thread for it.


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