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Fourpeaks Cleanup 11/1/2014

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--- Quote from: PitSnipe on August 29, 2014, 06:10:43 PM ---I shall attend. been looking forward to this event.

--- End quote ---

Me and my boy should be able to make it out, can probably bring the trailer to haul out garbage.

Want to meet up and convoy over there? 

Trying to get the in-laws to watch my 1 year old so my wife,  my 5 year old and I can come help cleanup.

This is a definite maybe for me. Would like to do this looks like there will be quite a few people attending. Seen posts about this on other offroad fourms.

I'm in for this. Might be able to bring a trailer.

I can bring a trailer to if anyone has an extra one they wanna bring.


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