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October 2009 Meeting

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Or we could hang out by the skate board park by the water/lake  on the green belt in scottsdale ?

Or we can go to the Metro Center Mall!  ::)

we dont want bullet holes in the xterras do we??? ;)

We will have the meeting at the skate board park in scottsdale off of  McDowell road just east of miller road . Bring the kids and the family fun for all .
Please post of if you all would rather have it at the shop.Thanks Wally. ;D

2000 N 77th St, Scottsdale, AZ,,-111.91425293&layer=c&cbll=33.46906888,-111.91425293&cbp=1,360,,0,5

Either sounds good to me...  Park would allow more visibility for the club...


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