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Pinnicle Nissan Scottsdale

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I have to agree and even they seem to be open for promotion they duck and hide when it comes to getting together for a "Pro Nissan Event". I talk them and one would get the feeling that Nissan wishes to step away from the Off Road Scene. :-\

in an on car club I was in we got to gether with the dealership and had a show open to any type of car as long it was the same make. I think if we got together with the titan guys any and other models and had one big meet it'd be a better turn out. Maybe give trophies out? Best titan, frontier, xterra, z and etc.. make it more of a "Nissan Community" than different styles

One would think so, because Jeep and  Toyota is making all of the money and have market share!

New Pro-4X Xterras are hard to find now, I would hurry if you are still looking.

Pinnacle Nissan had a cool desert decal (with a cactus, sun, something else) running along whole back and maybe sides, only 1 to 2 inches tall but long, back in 2002. Has anyone seen it since? I saw it on a new Pathfinder back then.


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