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Winchestor 30-30


I fond a Winchester 1994 mod for 800 bucks  Its about 60 years. I think a little pricy thoughts?

What's the condition? Those are cool old lever guns but prices can jump around depending.

used but in good condition.

I have been in search for the Marlin 1893  Lever Carbine Weapon, but come to find out those is  hard to find. So I actually looking at Henry  45 Cal or the 357.mag configuration. I guess I can live  with a tube feed system. I really likes the side port of ammunition feed.
The price was $893.00 plus I get the Cowboy round (45) and the Octagon   barrel.

I will put a read dot on it  to make more fun!

By the way Love the Glock. I will go to range  and test it!  I am sure there will no disappointment.


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