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Well I am in process mining for my DD214 for my CWP in Florida. Al I do is get printed and pay the man.   No classes and I could have My CCW in a weak. I guess there is a benefit in moving to Florida. :-\ Still prefer Arizona! 8) 8) 8)

Hammer (Avi):
I think it's similar here, I took a 8 hour class but there is a 4 hour class option and with military experience i think you just send the form.  Got mine in the mail a couple weeks ago. 

Found  it. I will make the appointment Monday!

Friday Next at the Florida Dept. of Agriculture. It will nice to have the permitso I do not get cought in a difficult position legally  or being a victim of a crime!

Good stuff.

Well I went down to the Florida Dept. of Ag and applied for my concealed.  It was easy and painless. The women who served me was from Buckeye Arizona. It probably helped the process along. Now we wait from 3 days to 90 days just gotta see.

Question though. Since I got my Florida Concealed. Is it just a matter of changing  permits from Fl. to AZ?

Ob a side note Mrs. Ghost is ready to move home again. That is a really good sign.  That just speeds the process around very quickly.


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