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Another X Train Horn???

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I was rolling to the meeting, in the left hand turn lane to get on the 10 at 7th Street. Next lane over going straight was a really cool looking dark blue 2nd gen, lifted with a tire carrier. The light turned green for me and as soon as I passed him I gave him a friendly toot on the train horn (boy it was loud right there from the echoing). And thenů THERE WAS A SECOND TOOT! He tooted back at me! That X had a train horn too!!!

  ??? WHO WAS THAT!!!!  ???


I'm your huckleberry.  I was on my way to a function!

The afternoon sun may have been problematic for color appearance...  I's superblack!

Well that was a cool surprise! Great to hear ya!
Boy, those are really shinny trumpets you have there...  ::)

Hey Farley, good to see you on here!!!

So where do I get one of these things and how much does it cost?  I want one!


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