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February 2015


PitSnipe (Kyle):
Welcome to the revival of the AZXC Newsletter.

First off Id like to welcome all of the new members. Feel free to schedule any events in the Member Coordinated Events section. Last minute events or spur of the moment ideas are always good. You never know who's out there itchin to go wheeling, camping, shooting, showing your rig at a car show, or just grabbing a beer.

Elections for 2015 went very smooth. Thank you all for your votes. Hammer retains his seat as Club President. New this year at VP is PitSnipe and Treasurer is Pinchel.

The annual AZXC Crown King Kick Off run is coming fast. Hope to see everyone on February 7th. Click here for more info.

Typically we hold our Annual Chili Cook-Off in March.  This is a tradition of AZXC and as we grow this year we expect a lot of entries. We will begin the planning of this very shortly.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Mod Day at Hammers house in December. We had a great time and thanks to Remo1991 and Slapshotking09 for keeping us busy on your rigs. Mod Days are a great way to get much needed work on your rig or help on other members rigs. Its also a great way to introduce yourself to the club.

Donít forget to check out the ToTM section. Right now we are catching up on January and February will be posted very soon. The submission of your Xterra, Frontier, Titan, Armada, or Pathfinder are extremely encouraged. Any pic of your rig will do. The running for ToTY is being held. Please vote for your favorite Xterra or frontier from 2014.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events.
Table Mesa Clean Up is held March 1st this year.
Fat Tire Run is held July 31 - August 2nd.

Those of you who ordered AZXC apparel.  Contact Hammer for payment and shipping. If you'd like to get your shirt at the Crown King Kick Off Run contact Hammer so he can bring them. Thank you again to everyone for your support!

Your AZ All Nissan Club

Hammer (Avi):
Great job reviving the Newsletter, good info and we will discuss the chili cook off at the crown kind run.   

Great job Kyle!  The newsletter looks really good.  Did you guys email this out, as well?  I think it used to be emailed, too.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I did not email it. Avi told me how for next month.

Hammer (Avi):
I announced the topic, that should send everyone an email. 


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