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What do you pack for camping?

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It was asked to me what to pack for camping. I think this would be a great opportunity for everyone to share their tricks and tips.

So... what's in your truck?

For me... I'm all about being prepared. I always think, "What would I do if this or that happens..." I have a separate Rubbermaid box with just supplies in it. I make a list every time I take something so I'm sure to replace it later. I also have a separate first aid kit that i built myself. I'm not fond of store bought first aid kits cause they have stupid crap like a hundred Band-Aids. What do I need a hundred Band-Aids for out on the trail?
I can post the contents of my Rubbermaid box and my first aid kit if anyone would be interested in that.

As for camping...
I always bring extra clothes, extra socks and shoes incase I walk in mud.
Extra sweater and jeans cause you might be surprised about how cold it can get.
Couple towels. can use them to sit on, wipe up with, keep warm, so many things.
Pre- ground coffee and coffee pot with my Life is Good mug (actually it's Wally's)
Beef Jerky
Cheese and crackers and fruit
Trash bags
Camping chairs
Flip flops for getting up in the middle of the night.
Cat hole shovel... for... you know. Toyota shovels are perfect for this.
Baggies... for... you know (the non-biodegradable stuff)
Gas for the grill and stove
Dog food and treats and toys
Pumpkin (Yes, I took a pumpkin camping once)
Eggs. Cooler. Lunch. Dinner. Breakfast. Easy snacks.
Sun block. Bug spray.

Camping Equipment               Kitchen
Lantern                  Dish soap
Tent                     Scrubbers
Ground Cloth               Bowls
Chairs                  Plates
Stove                  Utensils
Grill                     Spices
Tarp                     Pans
Lighter                  Coffee Pot
Air Mattress               Marshmellow sticks
Air Pump                  Bucket
Trash bags                  Coffee Cup
Sleeping Bags            Clothing x days camping
Ground Padding               Sweatshirt
Blankets                  Jacket
Pillows                  T-shirts
Coolers                  Socks
H2O Jug                  Jeans
Propane                  Undies
Tables                  Shorts
Doggie Stuff               Swim suit
Maps/Trail Book
Kid Garden Tools

FnL Gooder:
All of the above and a few other items that may come in handy;
Air mattress & pump
Flash Lite & extra batteries
Compass 8)...even if you have a GPS
Camera tripod
Small axe
Hunting & pocket knife
Nylon rope....enough to tie between two trees to hang up wet items
Work gloves
Charcoal fluid....get those wet logs to burn anyway!!
An I-Pod in case you get tired of the silence

Water shoes. I always carry my water shoes.


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