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What do you pack for camping?

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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned baby wipes...  yes we have towels and water and soap... but in a pinch or while you're wheeling, baby wipes can come in very very handy.  Good for hands, face and can be used as a "shower" when nothing else is available or you don't have time.

Glow sticks can be good too - for little "night lights" if you have to get up in the middle of the night you can just hang a glow stick by your "spot" where you'll need to go that way you don't have to mess with a flashlight and there's enough light to see what you need to without messing up your night vision.

Head lamp with red filter - nuff said.
Deck of cards - any poker players out there?

FnL Gooder:
Sounds like everyone comes well prepared!!Wish we could go this weekend.....unfortunately my wife works weekends at Wal-mart. We will be SOL until after the Holidays!!Boohoo :( In the mean time, we will try to make the next meeting. Have a great time everyone, take lots of pics so we can see what we missed!!!!

I always keep wipies handy in the door. Along with my lotion. And sun block. And body spray. Always handy. We use the wipies a lot. We use Walmart brand because we go through them so much.
But yes, glow sticks.... tonight I picked up new glow sticks. And I got a glow necklace for Zoey the dog. Last time we went camping, I put a pink glow necklace on her and it worked out great. It's nice that I can just look for the glow when she's out trekking around.

Ah yes...can't forget the Baby Wipes. Always a staple in our gear.


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