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Abandoned Area South Of Buckeye

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
So a few years ago someone told me about an area south of Buckeye that had some trails and a couple of lakes. I had always been curious but never had the itch to check it out. Yesterday after I checked out the Robbins Butte Wildlife Area I realized I was only a few miles from the site I heard about years ago.

I took a short cut from where I was. but the way to it is from the I10 go south on Miller Rd. Take it all the way to the Gila River. When you see the signs for Dead End you will make a left on Sunrise Dr. It is a dirt road. Take it to the end.

As I arrived I could hear dirt bikes near. First thing I noticed were abandoned buildings covered in graffiti. Awesome area for some pics. I snapped a couple and continued to explore. To the east of the buildings is an area with about 8-10 huge mountains of sand and gravel. The dirt bikes were flying around this area. I was tempted to try to climb one, but it looked so soft. I moved to the south and found two huge collection ponds or mini lakes. One of the lakes had two fishing boats trolling around.

I was running low on time and needed to get home so I made my way out. I will return!

So this morning I did some research. The area is actually a town called Allenvillle. The place is a sand and gravel yard called Alleco Stone. Apparently they went out of business around 2003. The cool thing about this is are the lakes. They were made from run off from the Gila River. Alleco made the lakes and used a dredge to remove material from the bottom. The plan was for in the future to make this a recreation area. It is all just an abandoned area now. From what I found out it is a well kept secret. Not much info on the interweb, but read some forums the locals seem to love the area. Definitely a place to check out if your in the area.

For some reason these are the only pics I took. Ill take more later of the lake and the gravel yard next time.

pinchel (Rob):
Have geo coordinates?! Nevermind I found it. Looks interesting. Is there no water blocks, like rails or fences? I would imagine this would be.

I bet that area gets heavy traffic, you see a lot of tire marks from the google satellite image. Hmm, nice spot to get wet and muddy maybe.

Stoic V:
This will be added to my list.
Cool Find.

Hammer (Avi):
Nice find, some ToTM photos there. 

I take my dirt bikes out there all the time

2007 Xterra S


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