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Proper recovery techniques


Hammer (Avi):
For those of you who have questions about how to perform safe and effective recoveries off-road these videos should give you a good start.  

For Snatch Strap recovery

For Winch recovery

If you do not have a line dampener, use a blanket or jacket.  

FirstXRS (Zac):
Thank you! I've been wondering about this lately. Saved me the effort of trying to search for something and not be 100% sure it was something I should reference. Also makes sniffing out good and bogus information easier.

Hammer (Avi):
There are some good videos on advanced winch recovery as well.  Things like using a snatch block to make angled recoveries, or increase pull power.  Or using multiple vehicles to winch another vehicle out of a tough spot.  But I felt that was outside the scope of beginner advice.   


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