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Broken Arrow Run 4/18/2015

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Interested and possibly down for camping also. Hiked broken arrow a couple weeks ago and made me want to drive it.

pinchel (Rob):
Also, down for camping. I have to work that Saturday so I'm working on my options.

I'll put us down for that.  Wanted to explore Sedona for the longest time. Not sure if we can camp or not but if there is a group leaving Phoenix, we can leave earlier than 8-9 to make it up there plenty early. 

im assuming this run isnt for stock xterras??  lol

FirstXRS (Zac):
In for camping and the trail. In fact, I did just this for Valentine's. Camped at Dead Horse Ranch (pretty nice place, I might say), and ran up the 761 to 9513, and took that into Sedona.

--- Quote from: powracoustik on March 09, 2015, 11:54:40 PM ---im assuming this run isnt for stock xterras??  lol

--- End quote ---

Why not? This is what we'd expect:

--- Quote from: Hammer on March 08, 2015, 02:51:52 AM ---the most major required obstacle being Devils Staircase will damage stock steps so please remove yours if you plan on running this trail. 

--- End quote ---

You should have seen me on the 9513. That was pretty not tame stuff, and I'm on All-Season highway tires. Therefor, I expect to see others like myself there!

By the way Ted, the route I was talking to you about after the Table Mesa cleanup was the 9513.


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