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Boulders OHV


PitSnipe (Kyle):
There are some great trails out at the Boulders OHV Area.  For those that haven't been, it's a few miles west of the turnoff for Lake Pleasant (at mile marker 11.5 on the north side of SR74 - aka Carefree Highway).

See the link below for more information about Boulders OHV Area (#19 on the list):

Here is a map of the general vicinity:

Please be advised that this area is a mixture of State Trust Land (need a permit), and BLM lands (no permit).  I have never been asked for my State Trust Land permit, but it is a good idea to have a current one.

For more information on State Trust Land permits, click here:

Info courtesy of AZ-Ted

PitSnipe (Kyle):
So Ted invited me out to Boulders OHV. I have just learned about this area that is only 22 miles from my house. Looks like I will spending more time here.

Most of the trails are 2wd capable (trail 6) other trails are a definite 4x4 must (trails 9 and 10 especially)

Lots of quads, bikes, and razers flying around this area. So keep a watch out.

I've been wanting to check this out since its close to me as well. Maybe next weekend


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