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Error code P1446 Canister vent control valve closed

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AZXTERRA 1994 (Jake):
Recently went 4 wheeling at table mesa and then next day my SES light came on. Went to autozone and they gave me an error code of P1446. I did some research and it has to do with mud and dirt getting into my Vapor canister. Autozone gave me the probable cause of failed canister vent solenoid and failed EVAP pressure sensor. I'm having a hard time figuring out what I need to buy and replace. I'm planning on fixing this myself and I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue and could steer me in the right direction.

If you had a full tank maybe the evap line got some fuel in it? Remove, clear the line and reset the code. Some places don't reset the code anymore for liability issues, but driving 3-4 driving cycles would clear it automatically if it's fixed. You won't have to worry much about it till you need to go through emissions.

AZXTERRA 1994 (Jake):
Yeah I could see the line getting clogged with something. Need to get a new jack in order to lift my car up and take the rear plastic inner wheelwell off since the larger tires lol Thanks for getting back to me

NP Good luck!

I was plagued with that code for a long time. Earlier model Xterras fuel system vents directly into the frame inboard of the rear left quarter step. It doesn't take too much of a genius to realize there is a ton of dust under the rear of an off road vehicle (thanks nissan). Dust works its way in an clogs the vent control valve mounted on the charcoal canister.

At some point (As a TSB and/or general improvement, not sure what year) they added a small filter inline to keep the dust out, along with a more powerful solenoid on the vent valve. I got the updated valve and filter kit and have had no problems for some time. If you already have the filter there is a good chance its plugged with dust, and if not the valve will need to be cleaned or replaced.

Also, you shouldn't blow compressed air into the charcoal canister, because gas fumes can ignite with the pressurized air. But it you were to do that with the canister and all lines removed, I bet a lot of dust would blow out of the canister itself.


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