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FS: OEM 2nd Gen Side Steps $20

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FirstXRS (Zac):
Selling the side steps I just took off a month or so ago. They look their age but function just fine. Hardware included. Listing here before I put them up on TNX.  $30. $20.

Will take pictures if needed.

Hammer (Avi):
If they aren't to bad you can usually get 100 for them on craigslist pretty easy.  The offroad groups will be quick to mention there likely hood of getting smashed.  That said, not everyone on here wheels and $30 is a smoking deal.  GLWS 

FirstXRS (Zac):
Thanks for the info! I'm just motivated to move them out of the garage, and of course offer a discount to the club. If they don't move here, I'll be asking more on TNX

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Just checking to see if you still have these.

FirstXRS (Zac):
Oh geez, forgot about this thread! Yes, I still have them.


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