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Car won't start, dumping fuel out the fuel line to the motor


AZXTERRA 1994 (Jake):
So my car just shut off in the road yesterday and I had to tow it back home. It was dumping gas and not getting any fuel to the motor. It is shooting out of the line that goes from the FSU up to the motor(I'm guessing) if anyone has had this problem let me know how you went about this

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Sorry to hear that, there's just a small 10mm bolt that holds the fuel line from the injection fuel rail to the hard line going to the rear of the X. Maybe the o-ring is bad, or the connection is loose, should be easy to see.

If fuel is coming from a hard line, that'll suck to replace.

AZXTERRA 1994 (Jake):
It looked like it was leaking right above where the fuel tank is so I'm hoping it'll be an o ring or something that came loose. I'm taking the fuel tank off today to figure it out. Thanks for the reply

AZXTERRA 1994 (Jake):
Ended up fixing. Easy 2 hour fix. I dropped the fuel tank (after disconnecting all lines) and the hose with the plastic connected piece the feeds into the fuel sending unit was disconnected and was just dumping fuel every time I turned the key. So I just reconnected all lines made sure they were tighter and bought some new bilstein 5100's to reduce the stress that four wheeling was putting on my car.

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Glad it was an easy fix.


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