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pinchel (Rob):

--- Quote from: DBAX on October 13, 2015, 12:15:33 PM ---1- I'd rock that sticker as is.
--- Quote ---Need to run this idea by Ted. He has been involved in Fat Tire for quite some time now. Plus there are a lot of old school AZXC members that attend this function. Just feels like were stepping on there toes a little bit.
--- End quote ---
3- We've ran a "Marshalls Militia" (Fat Tire support based) sticker up the flagpole, and it seems to get salutes, just need the art gotten to the sticker guy.. A basic sticker stating FT participation, and varied design for members who've helped over 10 years and whatnot.

--- End quote ---

Not sure who has that sticker, as is. I'm not a printer so I can't do that one either way. I was going to donate my time and materials to make one for the AZXC guys to have on their rig. Just bringing it up again. If the honorary or old school guys want to have their say then so be it. Something simple preferred.

Do we have a picture of the Marshalls Militia sticker?

pinchel (Rob):
Ok, talked to Marshall. He think the idea is great. Said they never had a support decal. So I will get your ideas and we'll see what we can come up with before the next Fat Tire event. Sound good?!

In regards to number of years, I will wait to hear back from Marshall on that idea.

Other ideas, GOOO! ...

The sticker is essentialy a large knobby tire w/ the words Marshalls Militia curved over the top of the tire. Inside is a skull w/ two crossed wrenches for the bones.. Beneath that the words FAT TIRE SUPPORT. Under the tire the word VETERAN for those who've helped over 10 years. Chevrons for every 3 years you've helped otherwise..

I'm trying to run down the artwork, the guy who had it on his computer is no longer working here w/ me..




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