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Bilstein 5100 topping out problem


AZXTERRA 1994 (Jake):
So I recently bought some bilstein 5100 ride adjustable shocks. I've been reading up online that if set to the highest lift (2") the shocks will top out terribly. So I'm thinking if I set the shocks to a lower setting like stock or .5 and use lift spacers this could correct the problem. I have 1.5" shackles on the rear and would like it to sit level. How could this problem be corrected without getting different shocks?

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I have not heard of this problem. Anything is possible though.
I am running the 5100 adjustable Bills in the front. They are set at 1". I also have 2" top spacers mounted to them. I have no contact issues or top out issues.
In the rear I am running the 4600 Bills with a 2" add a leaf and adjustable shackles set at 1".
I sit 3" front and rear with no problem.

Hope this helps in some way.

They aren't cheap but prg has 1.5 inch spacers that would probably work well.


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