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F/S Feeler: Toyo Open Country AtII with O/R stock wheels. 285/75/16

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I am thinking about getting new wheels and tires but I am having some trouble deciding.  I may do it if I know there would be some interest in the wheels/tires I have now.

Tires : Toyo Open Country AT-II 285/75/16  they have about 75-80% tread life.

Wheels: stock O/R wheels.  They aren't in the best of shape, a tire shop damaged the powdercoat a couple of years ago and had to fix them.  The guy they had touch them up wound up clear coating the entire wheel and the clear coat is coming off.  They also have some scratches from offroading.

I am willing to sell them separately if I need to also.

Wheel/tire combo: $800

Tires alone $700 for all 4

Wheels alone $150 for all 4

Not set in stone on the price, just thinking out loud and looking for some feedback.

Free bump, these are awesome tires. I got a set off of vince in a trade, and could not be more happy with them. If anyone is looking at new tires I'd pick these up in a heart beat again.

Very interested in the rims only! Let me see how my funds are within the next week or so after my paychecks and lift. I'll check back with you.

I think I am going to hold off selling for the time being.  I bought some new wheels but I am not sure if I like them or not yet.  I am considering powder coating the stock wheels and putting them back on with new tires.  If I do I will post the new wheels and Toyo's up for sale as a mounted and ready to go set.

Okey dokey. Let me know because I've been looking for a set of offroad rims and I've got cash in hand.


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