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Poll: Have you visited the Vinyltats websites?


pinchel (Rob):
Hey guys & gals,

Could you take a second and answer my poll?

Thank you!

Also, we appreciate you all & thanks for sharing your Vinyltats decals on the forum and social media.

Follow us on Twitter - @VinylTats
Follow us on Instagram - @VinylTats
Like us on Facebook -

pinchel (Rob):
Hey guys and gals, noticed I've only got a few poll votes. I'd appreciate if you could take two seconds and mark yes or no here.

Thanks again

Hammer (Avi):
I really need to get my OSU decal from you, fall is just around the corner and another title awaits. 

pinchel (Rob):
We're also on Facebook.

I hadn't  seen it until now.


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