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Muaser 1943 Vintage.

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I found a 1943 Mouser Short  barrel today for $395.00 bucks. The action was very smooth and the stock was in perfect condition. it was a unusual caliber 7.9 mm. I am real close to buying without permission.

It would make a fine Hog gun or Havisou  Hog.

Any thoughts?

Hammer (Avi):
You'll have a hard time finding soft tips for a gun like that, wouldn't FMJ just punch through a hog? Causing a messy kill. 

So I am back to 45LC   lever? I like my Dad's Henry, but I do not care for the Gold  Finish.

The Mausr has a really nice fell to it and seem to well balance for a vintage weapon.  It may be good range gun or a Deer rifle.

Worse cases a Zombie gun of cours with a extended  mag. Capacity, It hols 5 rounds in its current configuration.

Hammer (Avi):
Always wanted a lever action, wasn't a fan of the gold trim either.  You can find nagant rounds in soft tip, but for a working rifle I'd think something modern and effective.  Do you really want to be playing with adjustable iron sights while your hog walks away?   

I love Mausers, but Hammer is right, would likely be tough to find "custom" ammo, not just FMJ.


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