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June 26th Meeting (First Class Autobody 7PM)

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It seems as though a few people will be out of town or otherwise engaged on the 19th so we will have the meeting on June 26th, which is the following Friday. It will be held at First Class Auto Body in South Scottsdale.

There is a lot of ideas and trips planned for 4th of July weekend, so this will be a good time to make some plans if you do not have any already. Come on down to First Class Auto and hang out with everyone, bring the kids and bring a friend with an Xterra!  ;D

Meeting time is 7pm...if you've got some minor mods to do, come a little early and I'm sure we can get'r done.

Cool. Wally and I will be there.  ::)

I will be unable to attend ;-(


--- Quote from: Conundrum on June 15, 2009, 09:17:38 PM ---It might be a bit awkward without Wally there. ;D

--- End quote ---

You could always stand outside the locked gate and hold a meeting.  That is until Scotsdale's finest stop by to see what you are doing.  ::) ;D :D

I will be there.


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