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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Hello All. Has anyone heard of an amazing cooler company called Yeti? I have!

Over the years I have heard how amazing of a product that Yeti makes. I had never seen anything by them though. Until now.

My work (Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Surprise) is officially a Yeti dealer. I am offering this out to you all if anyone is interested. If you see something that you want you need to let me know and then when you come down I will get you 10% off. The prices at my work at the same exact prices as Cabella's and the Yeti website. If you buy from my work you will get the 10% off being the cheapest place to get Yeti.

Don't know what Yeti is? Here is the website. Take a gander.

Here is the display at my work.

Nice, great coolers maybe the best on the market. The round beer cooler Yeti Tank is the best for around the campfire, its like a super long lasting ice bucket also great for a keg!

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Bought the first of my Yeti gear today. Picked up the large tumbler and a bottle opener.

I found a great place to mount the bottle opener.

Hammer (Avi):
Nice :)

I like the Bottle Cap opener, It would be perfect mounted on the InSain Fab 2nd gen corners right above one of the cup holdersso that it would slide right in... as a matter of fact... I think imma make a phone call... "Hello, yes Corey, I have an idea..." hahaha


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