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September 19th Box Canyon and Coke Ovens

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Hammer (Avi):
This is a trail I have been interested in running for sometime.  This will be my first time running the trail and as such I will be limiting the trail to 5 others and experienced  off-roaders.  This is listed as a moderate trail and should take the majority of the day.  If we can get someone who is familiar with this trail to lead we may be able to open it up further, but please post if you are sure you can attend. 

When: September 19th 10AM
Where:The trail starts at 79 and Price road, Here
What you need: Basic Survival/Wheeling Gear, see list Here for a good start
*Additionally; this trail appears to be on State Trust Land, which requires a permit, check Here for additional info. 


Box Canyon

Coke Ovens

Hammer (Avi):
I have been told that Coke Ovens has been closed by the owners.  If this is the case we will run the entirety of Box Canyon, rather than taking the turn off for Coke Ovens. 

pinchel (Rob):
I would love to go on this one! I work almost every Saturday of my life, so I can't make it.

I added maps to the OP.

The Ovens are indeed closed but last I heard AZ State Parks was in negotiations to buy the land so it will probably be reopened and preserved. The trail from Box Canyon to the Coke Ovens is extremely rough and long. A stock rig can do it but its slow going. My personal experience is that it is too rough and long for most people to enjoy. There is also risk of it being an out and back if the Gila is too deep to cross at the end.

Either way, we might possibly be up for run that weekend.

The coke ovens is an awesome trail, I have done it several times both ways and have had my worst break downs/bad luck/stuck situations  on this trail. Its an easy to moderate trail, but I have ran it so many times anything can happen when you are not on your game or take it lightly. The Gila flow rate at the crossing is super low right now and it has been very dry this year, Im sure you could comeback crossing the Gila, but going up it might be impossible in an X with the recent storms, unless you take the by-pass if it hasn't been washed out.

Jeep Break down on the stair step bad luck + weak u-joint + high pinion angle = 2 night break down waiting for parts during August  ;D

My poor little jeep on 35" KM2's, more lift wasn't a match for the mud on a night run to coke the ovens via Cochran. I was so stuck and flooded I needed to be winched out shortly after I made my final attempt up the embankment.
PA030150 by Ernie Ruiz, on Flickr

About the only thing that can stop a Land Cruiser is a sidewall tire tear and leaving the spare at home. This happened right at the final descent to the coke ovens. Coke Ovens are a short walking distance away.

Redemption was quick after I had KM2's pizza cutters and a spare with me the next go around.

My Poor Little Zuk had no chance going up the muddy bank even with the MT Kenda Klevers and TRED tacks.
DSC_0015 by Ernie Ruiz, on Flickr


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