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September 19th Box Canyon and Coke Ovens

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Hammer (Avi):
Google says my original map violates terms of service  :o So here is where to meet, right were 79 brakes for Price, I figure that should be an easy enough area to stop and air down at.,-111.3084597,13.25z

Hammer (Avi):
And yes 10 AM.

pinchel (Rob):

--- Quote from: Hammer (Avi) on September 18, 2015, 10:20:55 PM ---And yes 10 AM.

--- End quote ---

Sounds good to me. Not sure if we will be there by 10am exactly or not. The kids have a dentist appointment at 8am and we'll head out afterwards.

Big thanks to Avi for hosting this run it was a great time, so much has changed over the years. It was really fun to re-visit this area and see the differences. It looks like more parts of the trails have been blocked off, sadly that has been the trend over the years. I didn't bring a camera for this trip but wanted to post some old pictures from the previous times I was in the area.

Some vintage Box Canyon/Martinez Mine pic's for comparison.

The shelf 2011, you can see the holes are all filled in by the rains with sand and rocks, it was practically a road at the time

2013, not hard packed like before but still mostly filled in by large rocks without any big holes, my buddies stock Jeep had no issues.

2012, I thought I had run martinez mine more recently but it looks like it was a while ago. This is the area at the bottom of the red play hill, its all blocked off now by a cow pond and cows.

Imagine being stuck behind this group while we aired down in Box Canyon

Here is a shot of me in the old beast negotiating the little squeeze area approaching the cabin.

The tallest vehicle with the most clearance in our group did not negotiate the squeeze so well

The entire group made it through with only that one vehicle taking damage. 


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