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Hammer (Avi):
I have been getting requests for shirts and hoodies in sizes that I don't have in stock.  So it is time to put together another order.  Please post the size/style/and color of what you would like to order.  Also, consider this a feeler for polos.  They would be embroidered with the AZXC logo on the front only and I need at least 5 to offset the cost of set up to do these.  The polos would be going for $30 each, T shirts are $20, hoodies $35.         

There are no longer sponsor tags on the shirt front.

pinchel (Rob):
XL T shirt, my hoodie jacket is holding up well, I'm not that interested in a polo, but if it means taking one for the team, prolly XL.

Can you show me styles of the tshirt and hoodie?

Hammer (Avi):
Updated the OP with a picture of the Tshirts, hoodies are zip up. 

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Are we thinking about any new colors? We have black, white, and grey so far.


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