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Nissan Hood Blackout Group Buy - Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder, Titan

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pinchel (Rob):
Here's my plan.

I want to make my own template for Nissan but I need the funds to buy a quantity of wrap material to make it worth it. I would be getting the Avery RS vinyl material which is high grade dry application wrap. The easiest type to install on a cool hood. That's the easy part.

The hard part is creating and prepping a solid pre-cut piece for the each of the different hoods. I'd only be planning to do the raised area. If you want a whole piece for the hood, maybe we can do that too. You could buy these pre-cut online for about $90 plus an additional $25 cost. If I can get a template made easily, you'd pay about the same maybe less, minus the shipping, but you'd have to pay sale tax.

At minimum, I figured out that I'd need 15 people to pre-buy to give you the best price. Ultimately, price would be determined by the amount of supplies available. However, here is an easier solution if you are interested.

I could put a kit together of the same wrap material plus special application tape that the pros use for doing graphics on the fly. This makes it easier and quicker for a blackout install on all hoods. Personally, this how I intend to do mine so I can get it where I want it. Plus, you'd get the lowest price possible. Under $90 for sure, but I won't know exact until I know how much product I will need.

So if you are interested, please reply in this thread and vote in the poll. We'll go from there. Questions about the options can be asked, and will be answered here.

Thank you for supporting local family small businesses.

pinchel (Rob):
For those who are not interested, could you please give some feedback? Thank you.

I'm definitely interested for my 2012 Xterra.  Was looking into it at the Dessert Off Road Show out at Scottsdale.  One company had some cool graphix ideas but they had no template for a Nissan Xterra and the cost for anything with graphix seemed a little on the high side for a piece of hood vinyl.  Although I know the stuff must be pretty tough to stand up to the heat and ultraviolet light. 

Issues, I would like something other than just a plain blank solid color hood wrap.
And if different people are doing it, of course they are going to want different colors.  Mine is black, so I would only consider flat black if I was getting a graphic with it.  I was thinking a flat dark grey with a graphic actually but black would work. 

Something about $100 installed with a graphic for the hood bulge would work for me.  If a company can't do that, then maybe they need to explain the cost involved. I get why wrapping a whole car is expensive with the size and the contours and how much material is probably wasted.  A small and flat area on a hood with a graphic, not so much. 

pinchel (Rob):
I'm really only considering doing this in one color because to get the best price I have to buy in bulk. This stuff ain't cheep, and it's a pretty expensive purchase just for the materials. You can find big sheets online that are dirt cheap but they don't really tell you what type of vinyl it is. It likely isn't the kind of stuff to go on a hood and last more than a year, if that.

I'm curious, how much were the prices you saw at the Desert Off Road Show?

How about a giant Nissan Hamburger to cover the hood? Maybe offset?


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