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Can I see your Shrockworks front bumper and rear

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A wild horse totalled my 2007 Xterra in Wyoming during a head-on collision, and I want to protect my 2015, so I am thinking about Shrockworks front bumper, pictures look nice, but I wanted to see one in person, would anyone care to let me see and touch?

And if I am concerned about sag and brake dive, which specific coils (link would be nice, and who can install it) would be good? With or without having a winch. Does the bumper and coils effect the Xterra warranty, specifically for suspension, or how?

Where are you located? You can come check out my rig when ever you like. I'm out at 59th ave and 101

I've got a shrock front bumper, and a boulder ironworx/insain fab rear bumper (full steel bumper also).

As for the coilovers I recommend some radflo 2.0 extended travel coilovers with 600 to 650 lb springs on them.

shoot me a pm and we can meet up some time.

You'll be riding low on the stock springs.  It is a good idea to go with a stiffer spring rate when you replace the coils.

I'm at 43rd ave/T-Bird and have Shrock rear bumper w/ tire carrier. PM if you'd like to stop by..

Thanks Sfujimoto, I sent you a PM over a week ago about your front bumper.

Thanks DBAX, I will keep that in mind, but at the moment I am thinking against a rear bumper, even though it would come in handy with a spare tire there... last time being this early October when the rim cut my tire when it went flat or got off the rim at 6am on a downhill. And then the regular rim doesn't fit into the spare tire spot, so has to go on the roof...
And the sag in the back will definitely happen with a rear bumper and rim+tire, so new coils would be needed too?


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