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pinchel (Rob):
The orientation is held from 8-9PM after the regular 7-8PM TRĀL meeting. The next New Volunteer Orientation is November 11th, 2015 8pm - 9pm. Let them know by email ( ) if you plan on attending.

Most OHV enthusiasts say that they'd like to "get involved" in helping to keep our trails open and conserve our OHV areas. TRĀL wants to give you that opportunity.

Our philosophy for becoming a volunteer is simple. It should be easy to volunteer. There are a few basic things you need to know and all can be taken care of in the TRĀL Volunteer Orientation Session. In this session you will learn these important things:

* Understand what TRĀL is and what we do
* Know your responsibilities as a TRĀL volunteer
* Understand the relationship between TRĀL and the Forest Service
* Know what you need to do to get involved in projects
The session is about 1 hour long and at the end you will turn in your TRĀL Volunteer Agreement and sign a volunteer agreement with the Forest Service. That's it. And then you'll be ready to come out and volunteer on TRĀL projects. We ask that you sign up for at least 2 projects per year but we are mostly interested in getting people involved.

When you want to do more, there are other opportunities that require more training and offer more responsibility.

Volunteer Orientation Sessions every other month. If you are interested in becoming a TRĀL volunteer, watch this site for upcoming training sessions or send us an email ( )and we'll make sure you get on the list for an upcoming orientation session.

Cool. AZXC for years, sponsored trail cleanups on FR42 out to 532(?) at the Verde River (the Devils Hole). The area was closed from fire damage years ago, and may now be open again. We'd get out after Memorial and Labor Day holidays to clean the trails. There are/were some particularily gnarly hill climbs, and of course the water crossings to entertain us. Those were always great turnouts, great times w/ good people. The FS should have that on record..
Pics here from a hiking site-
Write up from Stu-

Probably the most influential organization working to keep trails open. As one TRAL member I know put it, "I have been working to keep trails open for 30 years, this is the first time I have actually had a direct impact in making that happen." He also went on to say that without volunteers or support the default ruling is always to close the area/trail. Some of the major things they do is to sign areas, I am told that if the area is not signed then it is technically closed. They also keep those big message boards in the middle of nowhere up to date.

TRAL is good if your only concern is the Tonto NF.  If you like to recreate elsewhere, they don't care / don't go beyond their borders.  Again, they go great work with stuff like the Salt River Cleanups, and the 4 Peaks Cleanup, but don't look for them on the west side, as they only care about Tonto.


Hey Ted...  ???

Quote from: DBAX on January 21, 2014, 08:46:17 PM

Has BLM reopened 532 back to 42 and that spot on the Verde river, out by Bartlett Lake?
AZXC used to have biannual cleanups there, after labor day and then again after memorial day..

That is a good question, Dan.  I'll send an email to some of my BLM contacts to see what they know.  I have never been out there, as it was closed by the time I joined AZXC. - TED


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