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This is our 2006 pathfinder.
Mods so far are:
315/75/16 goodyear mt's
High clearance Long travel front kit using reworked stock parts set at about 10" of travel current set up can cycle 13" useable travel on stock ball joints
4" wider track width per side current but may go 6" per side..
Lame 5100's for now..
Full aluminum skids
My brand rocksliders ...roof rack... And tire carrier that need rework..
Trimmed exhaust and rear bumper
K&N drop in filter
Rock lights... Full led's

Soon it will have tube bumpers front and rear
And all new suspension system ...

That's one nice looking pathfinder you have there. 

Nice, what an awesome ride!!!

pinchel (Rob):
Looks shinier than the last time I saw it.

That was due to the rain.. Lol. Thanks for the positive comments.. It's a work in progress like all of our vehicles.. The 4" longer arms on the front make for interesting looks out on the street. Putting the spare tire out back was a great idea in theory but the stock rear springs can't hold the stock height let alone any real weight in the back like people in the third row or any cargo. They will be swaped out soon. The front is a little soft even with all the preload I have dialed in but it works for the stuff I do. Next mods will be better shocks and springs... 33" and little more lift. Maybe a new windshield..  After five or six flights at high-speed what was a small spider in my window is now a large crack .. Lol


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