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Thupertrooper (Victor):
That last picture though lol perfect before and after
Freaking beast  :P

This is one bad ass rig. I'm really interested in how you reworked the stock control arms. Got any pics?

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I currently have that setup now he is running a way crazier setup now but he has been busy.

Thats his old arms on mine for now

Nice! I'd like to see them in person of you're free tomorrow?

A lot has happened both on the truck and in my life so I may be getting rid of the pathfinder. My current front set up is a set of Titan lower control arms that have been cut lengthened fully gusseted and reinforced.. Stock ball joint angle was changed as well. The upper arms are gusseted 1" square tube with 3/4 heims the spindle was drilled to except a 3/4" heim ... The shocks are 10" radflow coilovers with two stage springs.. Here are a few pics of it currently:


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