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Hammer (Avi):
We have two Pathys on the forum, and ya'll are both going completely custom suspension.  We are going to have to vote on king Pathfinder at some point.  I love it.

Actually my pathfinder has been retired. Unfortunately most people don't realize that the pathfinder Xterra and frontier all share the same front suspension. I've been an off road guy for over 20 years and have built some of the most capable vehicles you can imagine.. I developed a long travel kit for the pathfinder that can also be used on a Xterra or frontier. The Titan swap that is very common ads 3" over all trac width per side and for the most part is a cost effective way to increase travel with out buying a 3-4k long travel system by "popular brands"
The 4"er as we call it was the most cost effective way I could increase the front travel with out spending over 1000+ on suspension components. It was done using my factory lower arms that were cut ..lengthened .. Gusseted and the ball joint angle was changed to allow for more droop. Upper arm was also reworked and polly bushings replaced the worn stock ones. This set up pulled about 12" of useable travel. That of corse was not enough for me so out it came and I fabricated and all new set up similar to a set up I ran on a class 7 Toyota from years back. The 7" kit that is now on the other pathfinder is a work in progress but is working out very well so far it was tested on my truck prior to its retirement and a few changes have been made but as you can see from his build thread it's coming along nicely. I had hoped to get my pathfinder out to the kick off run so I can show you guys that there are other options but I've come to the conclusion that Xterra owners think the pathfinder is some mythical unicorn and not one person asked about the crazy travel I had at the broken arrow run last year and very little was said to victor about his pathfinder at this years kick off run despite having my 4" kit installed. The 7" kit came about to get attention and it will when you guys see it in person. Some will laugh and say it's to wide or whatever but it's a well thought out set up that I'd be more than happy to explain or build a set for anyone reading this.
Thanks for your time.


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